Meet niiyorii

Hey there! I'm niiyorii, an artist on a mission to create unique and captivating artwork. I'm all about embracing creativity and sharing it with the world. As a lover of gaming, anime, and manga, I draw alot of inspiration from them. My art style is...uhhmmm... "special".. yeah let's go with that... By blending elements from the 90s, like comics, animation, actual good tv through to the now current-gen contemporary anime inspiring character designs and game art.

Beyond art, I find joy in gaming, watching anime, and catching up with friends on various social platforms. Creating art has been my way of maintaining mental well-being and expressing myself. Join me on this adventure and maybe join the occasional art challenge? mh?

At niiyorii Art and Anime Merch Shop (This web shop), you'll find a treasure trove of unique products that celebrate art and gaming culture. From stunning prints to quirky keychains and accessories, there's something for everyone. Discover the perfect addition to your collection or find a thoughtful gift for a fellow art enthusiast or gamer. Welcome to my world of art, passion, and creativity..

You can follow me on my adventure on Social media

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