Putting You First..

Please read the T&Cs before requesting!

Reading them protects You from any undesired stress and ensures a smooth and relaxed artist-client relationship.
If you disagree with any of the terms, it may be better to find another artist...

Starting a Commission

Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

💫 I work on commissions Mondays, Wednesday's and Friday's , not including scheduled Rest-Days, Moments I am unwell, or Holidays.

💫Any Art Commissioned will be provided within the Commission specifics and pricing.

💫Updates will be provided when and as they are completed operating on a "Traffic Light" basis.

💫 I reserve the right when presented with a request of significant detail and difficulty to scale pricing accordingly.

💫 Requesting me as an exclusive emote artist in-between Commissions will be treated as a Rush Order and priced accordingly..

💫I withhold the right to inform you of offering the request to a trusted artist; on the sole basis that it's outside my ability or past a scheduled deadline, a Full Refund will be made if You choose otherwise.

💫 Do not make a request for a specific style.. Style is something unique and indepedant to each Artist, Commission me because you like mine and expect nothing less.

💫Colour spacing may vary, if you prefer strict Color grading let me know.

💫Refunds will not be considered once sketching has started. PayPal chargebacks will result in blacklisting from further requests

💫 By making a request you accept all Terms of Services specified here.

Invoicing and Payments

💫 Invoicing/Payments will be made through PayPal or Stripe
(External Commission Requests on other Services will made on those specific platforms..)

💫A 50% Deposit will guarantee you a commission slot if space is available otherwise you will be placed in queue on the waitlist on Trello.

💫 If payment isn't made within 48hrs of the request I may offer a payment plan suitable for us both...

💫 Failure to co-operate on an initial payment, or payment plan without a due valid reason will result in slot reschedule so I can work on others.

Material Usage Policy

💫 All Commissions include Commercial Use, for Personal/Non-Commercial use, cost is half listed price, Please be sure to let me know .

💫 Sharing of any unwatermarked WIPs is discouraged (Sharing watermarked WIPs [OK] Remember to tag me @Niiyorii)

💫I withhold all rights to any artwork commissioned and the right to share it on social media (Please let me know if You prefer I Don't or are planning a debut/surprise)

💫 Please do not redistribute, edit, copy or reference without consent.

💫 Remember to credit me on social media or provide a link towards my Twitter page @Niiyorii on any finished requests..

💫I may provide you with a brand campaign set - contact me if this isn't necessary...

Time and Creative Constraints

💫 I will go to great lengths to complete your commission and update frequently with any status changes regarding your commission..

💫 Updates will be made at each stage as stated in the Starting a Commission, and is important that you monitor the Progress sheet on Trello..

💫Failure to launch - whether by non-payment or communication break-down I reserve the right to cancel your commission or progress on someone elses.

💫 Rush Orders are available at twice (2x) the commission cost, It's important to inform me of this to ensure I have the time available..

-----Creative Constraints-----

Will Draw
🟢 Original Characters, Personal Avatar, Game Characters/Emotes
General Biped/Humanoid
May Draw
🟠Anthropomorph, Mild NSFW/ Risque (Nothing of a Sexual Nature)
Will Not Draw
🔴NSFW, Gore, Vore, Explicit Nudity, Hypermechanical, Hyper-Realistic