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Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Acrylic Pin Sets : Skill, Buff, Debuff and Ability Icons

Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Acrylic Pin Sets : Skill, Buff, Debuff and Ability Icons

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Show your pin for the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV with these high-quality acrylic badges of honor.


Featuring icons for various skills, buffs that'll boost your mood, and debuffs to your enemies' attitudes and classes.

These pins make a great gift for any FFXIV fan's lapel or lap.



Measuring approximately the size of a gil coin, these durable acrylic accessories are perfect for proudly displaying your in-game pin-ievements or trading doubles with comrades.

Whether questing to catch 'em all like a chocobo racer or boosting your party's morale, these pin sets are a fun way to accessorize any glamoured cosplay or carry-all.

With options to collect full job gauges for classes like Dark Knight, White Mage and more, these pins are sure to elicit smiles and gil grins from any Eorzean explorer. The only danger is other players yanking your chocobo for a pin-battle of chance! C'mon, what're ya waitin' for? Add these pins to your cart today!

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